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GGSSI is decicated to assisting First Nations on the education, training and implementation of technologies in the emerging Carbon Credit Market.

To meet this comittment, GGSSI has worked with various Educational Institutions in developing a certified training program called the "Environmental Monitor Training Program." GGSSI does not charge for its time, but has given support to Educational Institutions such as the Northern Lights College, as GGSSI desires to hire First Nations for GGSSI projects.

BEAHR Learning Environmental Monitor Training Program

GGSSI Oil Worker

This certified training program was specifically designed by the University of Saskatchewan for Aboriginal groups. The "Environmental Monitor Training Program" is designed to provide knowledge and develop basic skills so that people can meaningfully participate in environmental monitoring activities. This Program provides a basic understanding of the theory and techniques of Environmental Monitoring. The Program has the ability to be adapted to community needs, and can be arranged to accommodate a variety of requirements.

The instructional approach in this Program focuses on practical, hands-on instruction with the incorporation of fieldwork, exercises, and group dynamics, as well as practical demonstrations wherever possible. Local knowledge is integrated into the curriculum by selecting learning materials with a regional focus whenever appropriate and possible, and by inviting participation from those with local knowledge and wisdom. The five week training prepares Program graduates for work on various projects, such as pipeline construction, seismic, fishing, mining, power generation, forest-harvesting, oil & gas operations, and more.

Although GGSSI is not a licensed trainer for this program, GGSSI recognizes the value of education in securing jobs for our Aboriginal population, and is working with various Educational Institutions in promoting this training.

GGSSI Supports Graduates

GGSSI supports the hiring of men and women who have successfully graduated from this Program. These Graduates will be eligible to be hired by companies in the Oil and Gas Industry (such as GGSSI) to monitor the BC Quantification Protocol that has been recently signed by BC's Priemier Gorden Campbell.

The BC Quantification Protocol is largely based on the First Nations Offset System Quantification Protocol for Afforestation First Nation Projects. (Afforestation is defined by Kyoto Protocol's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as "Planting of new forests on land which historically has not been covered by forest.”)

Consultation for First Nations

GGSSI is also offering consultation for First Nations in the process of applying carbon credit trading and GHG technologies as “caretakers of Mother Earth”.

Canada's Offset System

Canada's Offset System (a component of Canada's Turning the Corner Plan) will issue GHG emission credits for reductions in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) from activities such as reforestation. The planting of trees counteracts global warming through the absorption of the increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, thus providing an "Offset" to GHG. A key component of Canada's Offset System is the identification and monitoring of GHG reductions, and the "Environmental Monitor Training Program" offered by Northern Lights College will offer knowledge and expertise in this area.

Aboriginal Offset Credits for Land Managers - Slideshow Presentation

GGSSI has prepared a slideshow (or pdf file) describing Aboriginal Offset Credits for Land Managers. This Presentation covers the following topics: Baseline Emissions / Carbon Credit Trading / Recommended Steps for implementing CO2 Capture Process / Credits for Afforestion, Low Tillage, and Landfill Gas / Canada's Guide for Protocol Developers / Process for First Nations.

Where Training Program is Offered

Currently, the following Educational Institutions offer the "Environmental Monitor Training Program.":

GGSSI working with ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc.

GGSSI has recently signed a licence with ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc. in Winnipeg Manitoba, to offer GGSSI technologies and the "Environmental Monitor Training Program" to First Nation Projects in Manitoba. See our section below detailing current contracts and letters of intent to date.

Albert Cerenzie
Donald Groves, President ERS

Donald D Groves, the president of ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc. , was born in Montreal, Quebec but moved with his family to Cold Lake, Alberta at the age of five. It was there while spending time with the First Nations community that he developed a strong attachment to the Anishinabe people and their customs.

After six years in the Navy as a communications and electronic warfare specialist and experiencing the Four Corners of the world, he left the Navy and started a career in Accounts Receivable Management.

Mr. Groves began his own company in 1979 with Groves Halligan & Associates, transitioning into a new relationship in 2005 with Albert Cerenzie of Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems Inc. In 2008 the company ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc was formed to provide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Sequestration technology to the Manitoba marketplace. This company acts in partnership with Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems Inc.

Terry Halligan, the co-founder of ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc. ,

Albert Cerenzie
Terry Halligan, co-founder of ERS
is a life long resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He always had a passion for entrepaneurship and after graduating from Charleswood Collegiate set a course for business development in his hometown.

Along with Donald Groves, he started Groves Halligan & Associates in 1979 which created a long lasting business and personal relationship between the two men. This relationship eventually evolved into the current partnership in ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc in the spring of 2008.

Terry and his wife Marina have worked together for the past 27 years acquiring, developing, and marketing real estate in the Winnipeg area.

He also owned and operated a successful income tax and small business accounting practice for 15 years, growing the business to serve over 4000 clients with personal income tax, small business accounting, and corporate financial specialties. The sale of this enterprise took place in 2008 so that he could focus all of his skills and experience on the growth of ERS Emission Recovery Solutions Inc.

Terry and Marina have two children, Liam and Ailis.

First Nation communities in Canada committed to the Training Initiative

Below is a map illustrating First Nation Communities in Canada that have given us a commitment through a letter of intent to offer the "Environmental Monitor Training Program" to their communities.

Albert Cerenzie





















Following is a list of First Nation Communities in Canada that have given a letter of intent to offer the "Environmental Monitor Training Program" to their communities.


  • Southern Chiefs Organization, Winnipeg, MB
  • Skownan First Nation, Skownan, MB
  • Long Plain First Nation, Portage La Prairie, MB
  • Rolling River First Nation, Erickson, MB
  • Ebb and Flow First Nation, Ebb & Flow, MB
  • O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation, Crane River, MB
  • Buffalo Point First Nation, Buffalo Point, MB
  • Peguis First Nation, Peguis, MB
  • Waywayseecappo First Nations, Waywayseecappo, MB
  • Gamblers First Nation, Binscarth, MB
  • Hollow Water First Nation, Wanipigow
  • Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Government, Ginew, MB
  • Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Griswold, MB


  • Driftpile First Nation, 300 Km NW of Edmonton. The Driftpile First Nation Band has signed a letter of intent to create a CO2 Environmental Tree Farm to establish Quantifying CO2 Credits on the Driftpile First Nation land.


  • Northern Lights College, Fort Nelson BC.

For Further Information

For further information on how GGSSI is supporting First Nations in BC and Alberta, please contact:

Albert Cerenzie (President and CEO GGSSI)

For further information on how GGSSI is supporting First Nations in Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Labrador, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nanavut, please contact:

Albert Cerenzie (President and CEO GGSSI)

For further information on how GGSSI is supporting First Nations in Northern BC, please contact:

Ramona Nehring
Northern Lights College


For further information on how GGSSI is supporting First Nations in Manitoba, please contact:

ERS (Emission Recovery Solutions Inc.)
Donald D. Groves (President)
fax: 866-696-1784

ERS (Emission Recovery Solutions Inc.)
Terry Halligan V.P.
fax: 866-696-1784