International Projects

GGSSI has recently set up a subsidiary, "Greenhouse Gas Separation Services International Limited", to apply it's technology worldwide.

Presently we have projects in China, Africa, and Ireland. The following are profiles of GGSSI's International representatives.

Professor Jinliang Xu – Senior Advisor for China

Paul Bercier
Professor Jinliang Xu

Prof. Jinliang XU is the Dean of the School of Renewable Energy, director of the Beijing Key Laboratory of New and Renewable Energy, North China Electric Power University. He is the supervisor of the research group of 6 doctors and several postgraduate students. There are still some huge laboratory rooms with infrastructure ready for new joint international research to be developed in the areas of building energy efficiency, geothermal energy, energy storage, desalination, solar energy utilization, simulation of micro/nano scale heat transfer and CO2 capture. The NCEPU is a key technical university in China and is recently dynamically developing and well supported by the Government.

Prof. Jinliang XU received his Ph.D at the Department of Power and Energy Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, in 1995. He joined Tsinghua University as a post-doctor from 1995 to 1997. He worked in Florida International University (USA), University of Notre Dame (USA), and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) from 1998 to 2001. He was a Professor and the director of the academic committee of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Science, setup the micro energy system laboratory, from 2002 to 2008. He received the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2008. His current research interests include the solar and geothermal energy utilization and power generation, micro energy system, and micro/nano scale heat transfer. He published 60 articles in referred international journals. He is a referee for 14 international journals. He presented five keynote speeches in international conferences, and served as the track, or session chair for the international conferences. Recently he is preparing a review paper on the enhanced geothermal systems. He is co-organizer of the Second International Beijing Power and Energy Conference in October 2011, (IASTED).

Professor Richard Petela, D.Sc., Ph. D., M.Sc. – Senior Technological Advisor for China

Paul Bercier
Richard Petela, Senior Tech Advisor

Richard (Ryszard) Petela has received all his scientific degrees at the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland, where as the professor (1956-1984) in mechanical engineering, has researched and lectured courses in engineering thermodynamics, energy conversion processes, heat and mass transfer, combustion and fuel technology and supervised 73 Ph. D and M. Sc. dissertations.

He was the co-founder of the Polish scientific school of exergy and the founder of the Silesian research school of combustion. He was the university president, member of the Committees of the Polish Academy of Science, the scientific consultant at the Ministry of Chemical Industry and Science for the hybrid gasification process and the scientific and technical advisor for steam power stations, non-ferrous metallurgy and steel industry. He was the coordinator of the government research programs (Energy and Coal).

Refer to our About Us page for more details of Professor Richard Petela.

Mohamed Yaich - Tunisia Africa

Moctar Chafi
Mohamed Yaich

Mr. Yaich has over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, including roles as Logging and Petroleum Engineer, Operations Department Supervisor and General Manager of the offshore Ashtart field in Tunisia.

Prior to assuming the role of General Manager of Tunisia for Winstar, Mr. Yaich was the General Manager of the Tunisian Branch of Athanor Tunisia B. V., located in Tunis.

Mr. Yaich has a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Tunis, a Master of Mathematics (Honours) from the University of Tunis and a Master of Engineering from the Institut Algerien du Petrole in Dar Elbaida, Algeria.

Mr. Yaich is working with Greenhouse Gas Separation Service International, based in Ireland and Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems Inc, based in Calgary, Canada

Tunisia Waste Gas to Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant - Case Study Project (SMEs at the forefront for Tunisia gas to electricity)

Most small- to-medium size enterprises (SMEs) are not tapping the benefits of implementing a Tunisia gas to electricity energy and carbon management plan. The UK's "Carbon Trust" has found that two thirds of SMEs have no carbon management plan. Most SMEs, however, may not have the specialist resources or expertise to assess and manage their contribution to global warming.

The Kyoto Protocol and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) recommends both Annex I and non-Annex I Parties to cooperate in the areas of:

(a) The development, application and diffusion of climate friendly technologies;
(b) Research on and systematic observation of the climate system;
(c) Education

Moctar Chafi - Senior Advisor for Projects in Africa (head office Ireland)

Moctar Chafi
Moctar Chafi

Having graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, Moctar specialized in International Business Strategy, International Marketing, Communications, International Human Resource Management, Transnational Management, and International Political Economics.

Moctar started with GGSSI in June 2004, and as a senior advisor for projects in Africa, in 2009.

During Moctar's 6 years of experience and active research with GGSSI, he has excelled in GHG management, insisting on initial carbon surveys, site assessment and GHG inventory, to match the project realities of a certified GHG Practitioner involving a group of environmental engineers and host company's experts, as is GGSSI's company policy.

Project design and quantification methodology MUST be done by a certified GHG Practitioner, such as Moctar, because it is essential to understand the process, be familiar with all other internationally recognised guidelines and protocols (especially CDM methodologies) and can do a credible job to not only get approved initially, but to the end point - certification.

Moctar is fluent in a number of languages including French, Arabic and Portuguese.

Victor Mazur, D.Sc., Ph. D., M.Sc. – Senior Advisor, Ukraine

Paul Bercier
Victor Mazur, Senior Tech Advisor

Victor Mazur received his degrees (M. Sc. -1969 and Ph. D. – 1974) in thermo physics and molecular physics from the Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration, Ukraine, and the D. Sc. degree (1988) in thermal engineering, physical chemistry, thermo physics and molecular physics from St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Russia.

Since 1987 he is the Head of Thermodynamics Department of the Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration and was also the Vice-rector in R&D of this Academy. He was lecturing thermodynamics, mathematics and operational research and was the visiting scholar at universities in Utrecht and Paris. His practical experience initiated in 1969 as a research engineer working 6 years in Odessa Institute of Refrigeration Industry.

His main area of scientific interest is global phase behavior of supercritical fluid mixtures; thermodynamics of supercritical water. Other areas are artificial neural network in thermodynamics and fluid phase equilibria. The currently developed areas are nanofluids, Pareto optimum decision in fluid phase equilibria, azeotropy prediction, thermodynamics and sustainable development.

He is the author or coauthor of over 100 peer refereed articles, over 40 communications to scientific meetings, author of 2 books and 2 patents. He is an active member of various international scientific organizations, and serves as associate editor and editorial board member on various international journals.